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These are samples of web sites that have been created by our staff.
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If the site was an upgrade, the previous site is also shown.

Mattson Express

Mattson Express Our Company

The Home Page uses a graphical display of our services. This page illustrates our design approach: Uncluttered, consistent fonts, complimenting colors, clearly defined page links; an attractive piece of art!

Big Rig Bible

Big Rig Bible The Full Time Motorhome Living Guide

This site is dynamic, meaning that pages are created when requested. It contains over 12,000 photos on 715+ pages. An example of a dynamic page is "RV Parks Visited". When you click an RV park, the site blends the text and photos of the park to create the page you see.

Tell Me Daily

Tell Me Daily Your Life Scheduler - Keep track of all your events and maintenance.

This site is your database where you can keep all your events. One-time, daily, weekly, quarterly, annually and everthing in between. And track all maintenance for your vehicles and equipment. Mark events complete and your history is available when you need it. Access it from anywhere in the world.

Casey's RV Park

Casey's RV Park An Westfir, Oregon RV Park

This client asked to use the same text content but get a new "skin" (style) make over. This project took only a couple hours to complete. Inexpensive, yet dramatic change. A few photos were added to bill in blank space.

Before makeover

MotorHome RV Parks

Motorhome RV Parks Photos of 100's of RV Parks

The front page of this site completely fills your monitor. Click in it to see! It illustrates the use of a photo background and very unique navigation "buttons".

On the River Golf & RV

On the River Golf & RV Park A Roseburg, Oregon RV Park

This site had a complete overhaul. Vintage web programming replaced with the latest techniques. The site is now database-driven allowing for content changes by the site owner or our staff.

Before makeover

5 Peaks RV Park

5 Peaks RV Resort Joseph Oregon RV Park

This site had four pages that each required scrolling and when navigation links were clicked, it was not obvious that a new page was shown. By rearranging content and eliminating scrolling where possible, the great content on this site is now easily accessible.

Before makeover

Hells Canyon Resort

Hells Canyon Resort Clarkston Washington RV and Marina Resort

This site had a up to date and classy look. But, it was not mobile friendly. Our project was to transform it using Responsive Web Design (RWD).

RWD allows for a single source of content to be shown on any size and any resolution device: PCs, phones and tablets.

Before makeover

Temecula Valley RV

Temecula Valley RV Southern California RV Remodel and Service Company

Temecula Valley RV's site was not mobile-friendly as so many are not today. Using our Responsive Web Design techniques, it is now easily viewable on phones, tablets and PCs.

Sample Ranches RV Resort

Sample Ranches & Vineyard A Class A Motorhome Wine Country RV Resort

This project illustrates our Method of Operation: Pull in, hook up and in four days the web site is complete!

Wine Country RV Resort

Wine Country RV Resort Paso Robles RV Resort

This very extensive site was given a new dramatic home page and facelift for all pages. The site is controlled by data tables which as accessible by staff through custom designed and simple content management pages.

Before makeover

Yanks RV Resort

Yanks RV Resort A luxury RV Resort in Greenfield, California

How do you create and post a website for an RV Resort that does not yet exist? We started with graphics only: artist's rendering of the park; Google earth photos, Google maps and other creative graphics. Over the months, when information and photos became available, slowly the graphics came down and the photos went up.

Original 'Graphics Only' web site

Paso Robles Truck Center

PasoRobles Truck Center Full Service Truck and Bus Center

All businesses need a web page. A simple home page is a great way to start. With our expert web programming you pay no penalty for starting small and adding content as you grow. This site began as single home page. Soon after it was expanded to contain a page for each service division.

Roseanna's Reply

Roseanna's Reply A WWII P-51 Historical Novel

Compare this home page to its predecessor. You can tell it is selling a book. The old home was cluttered and lacked focus. When a web viewer gets to your site after a search, they will make a decision in 2 or 3 seconds if the page shown matches their search and interest. This page does both.

Before makeover


Avalon-Books Purveyor of Fine Books

Your web site can sell product, even while you sleep. PayPal allows you to process PayPal and credit cards without any start-up or monthly fees. You can even have a simple shopping cart. We can also connect to most merchant accounts online.

Paso Robles Physical Therapy

Paso Robles Physical Therapy Postsurgical and Functional Rehab

After converting this site from tables to divisions, a new page was added, using the new skin, in under 30 minutes. The pages were widened, centered and an attractive background fills your monitor.

Before makeover

Crystal Pools by Brad

Crystal Pools by Brad In-Ground Vinyl Pool Contractor

Look how much larger the family pool photo is on the new site. We expanded the width of the site and added a new look. With the wider page and changing the navigation links from vertical to horizontal, the photo could be larger and the whole page is shown without having to scroll.

Before makeover

KMAN Cycle & Run

K-Man Cycle & Run Central Coast Bicycle & Run Store

The new site has a much more interesting look to attract attention. The viewer see bicycles and shoes and a list of products and services offered.

Before makeover

SLO Espresso

Dennis Prange Services Central Coast Espresso & Coffee Machine Service

This web site uses a client-controlled database to list products for sale. Potential buyers are directed to the site and then contact Dennis to purchase. An online shopping cart could be added.

Blue Seas Charter

Blue Seas Charter Ocean Charters from Morro Bay

Captain Mike wanted a simple one page web site to attract those who might charter his boat. Web pages don't have to be busy and cluttered!

Melissa Jean Photography

Melissa Jean Photography Portrait and Wedding Photographer for the Central Coast of California.

This site has it own photo gallery of the artist as well as a link to a blog where viewers can read and see the latest products and services.

Tree Care North

Tree Care North Joseph Oregon Arborist

This site had good content but the navigation was virutally hidden. The new site has added pages and horizontal navigation allowed for important content to the placed on the home page.

Before makeover

Dr. Chaffe

Dr. Geoffrey B. Chaffe O.D. Central California Eye Care Center

New site created from scratch with all content, photos and design by USAMotorHost.

Hewitt Hardware

Hewitt Hardware Templeton California Hardware Store

Classic example of a simple single-page web site. Every business needs a web page. This page was created very quickly and with little investment. It gets the company "on the web" and can be modified and expanded over time.

Division One Consulting

Division One Consulting California Private Investigator

This project illustrates our preferred method of operation. We parked at the client's property and started to work within the hour. We worked together for about three hours on the initial design. We created graphics and pages with daily reviews and by the end of the second day the site was complete!

Atascadero Hairy Business

Atascadero Hairy Business Beauty Salon and Barber Shop

This site gets the message across in an artistic fashion that mirrors the quality of the services provided by Hairy Business.

Kokers Metals

Kokers Metals Metal Re-Cycling

This site was created in just a few hours. Simple and clean, it gets the client's message across. Beginning with a basic site you can easily add pages and/or content.

United Stats of America

United Stats of America Talking Basketball Stats Program

You might think that this site is reasonably designed. And it is okay, but it was designed using "tables" as the majority of older sites are. Tables are very inflexible and time consuming to change page layouts. We design or convert all our sites to "divisions". Expanding pages to accomodate larger monitors is quick.

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